house cocktails

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Open Sesame

Boys Don't Cry

gin, Ramazzoti, Black rice syrup, Orgeat, Lemon, Chai Bitters


whiskey, lemon, ginger,

strega, honey



mezcal, Neisson, Orgeat,

Guava, lime, Hamilton Dram


suze cruise

Tequila, Aperol, suze, coconut, pineapple, lime, 

bitters, nutmeg

Zaddy's Day Off


kohaku river

Lime, Grapefruit, Passionfruit,

Aperol, Chili vodka,

Tequila blanco

Japanese vodka, nigiri sake, Guava, black rice, coconut, lemon


Sister On LSD


Tequila Blanco, Genepy,

Honey, ginger, lime, pineapple


BOOZY & direct

Hanzo Steel

Blended Scotch whisky, Rye,

Falernum, swedish Punsch,

Coconut Bitters, grated Coffee Bean


Fuming Broom

mezcal, Blanco Tequila, Strega, Cinnamon, Mole Bitters


Mama Nana

Bourbon, Real Woody s. Sfumato,

Cold Brew, Creme de Banane, Aperol


White Ferrari

greek freak

Mezcal or reposado,

Blanc Vermouth, Suze

terroir gin, aquavit, blanc vermouth, chareau aloe liqueur, olive




White Rum, Bruto Americano, Falernum, Honey, lime, Bitters


BEACH dranks


Navy Strength Rums, Coconut, Pineapple, Orange, Nutmeg


Sea Legs

laphroaig 10 yr islay scotch,

mezcal, orgeat*, lime, bitters



dry gin, Falernum, passionfruit,

orgeat*, lemon, Bitters


missionary's Downfall

Blended rum, apricot, pineapple,

honey, fresh mint, lime


Mai Tai

Jamaican Rum, Agricole Rum, Curacao, Lime, Orgeat*, Bitters



many overproof rums, absinthe,

falernum, cinnamon, hibiscus, lime, grapefruit, bitters


*contains nuts or dairy

All parties of 5 or more may be subject to 22% service charge

All unclosed checks are subject to 30% service charge

All uncleaned bodily fluid will be subject to a $100 service charge