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Boys Don't Cry

Sea Legs

Trash Panda

Whiskey, genepy, Ginger,

Sage Honey, Lemon

Mezcal, Islay Scotch, Orgeat*, Lime, Bitters



Vodka, GInger, Citrus Cordial, Cava Rose, Mint


garden party

suze cruise

dry gin, chamomile brandy,

basil eu de vie, suze,

verjus, lemon

Tequila, Aperol, suze, coconut, pineapple, lime, 

bitters, nutmeg



Nature Boy

mezcal, Yellow Chartreuse, Salers, Ancho Verde, Kiwi, Honey, Lime, Black Pepper



mezcal, agricole rum, allspice,

guava, orgeat*, lime


zaddy's day off

tequila, green chili vodka,

ancho verde, Aperol,

cinnamon, passionfruit,

citrus, chili salt


tunnel of trees

agricole rum, aquavit,

Islay scotch, mango, falernum,

passionfruit, lime, black pepper


sister on acid

tequila, green chartreuse, 

cappelletti, ginger, pineapple,

honey, lime


chareau me the money!

chareau aloe liqueur, Strega,

aquavit, pineapple, honey,

cucumber, lime


thyme to die

green chartreuse, genepy,

Montenegro, thyme liqueur,

honey, lemon, absinthe



Hanzo Steel

Japanese Whisky, Rye,

Falernum, swedish Punsch,

Coconut Bitters, Coffee Bean


dark spring

batavia arrack, Jamaican rum,

bianco bitter, px sherry,



fuming broom

Mezcal, blanco Tequila, strega,

cinnamon, mole bitters


Candido spagliato

bianco bitter, blanc vermouth,

prosecco, grapefruit bitters


secret agent man

terroir gin, aquavit,

cocchi americano, salerà,

black pepper



altos anejo tequila, aged Agricole, gran classico,

creme de banane, coffee liqueur, mexican coke




Navy Strength Rums, Coconut, Pineapple, Orange, Nutmeg


Mai Tai

Jamaican Rum, Agricole Rum, Curacao, Lime, Orgeat*, Bitters



dry gin, Falernum, passionfruit,

orgeat*, lemon, peychaud's


*contains nuts

All parties of 5 or more may be subject to 22% service charge

All unclosed checks are subject to 30% service charge

All uncleaned bodily fluid will be subject to a $100 service charge